Peter Grenier Examines Cabinet Trends for New Hampshire Homeowners

Peter Grenier knows that New Hampshire homeowners want and deserve a high-quality kitchen that meets their needs and serves them well. There are many design facets that you must get right when designing a kitchen for your home, including cabinetry. Here are a few different trends and concepts within this market that may help you create your dream kitchen.

Peter Grenier on New Hampshire Cabinet Trends

New Hampshire is a beautiful state with a small population that loves rural and urban living. As a result, Peter Grenier knows that cabinet trends are an essential thing to follow because cabinets so often reflect a home’s surroundings. Understanding the different trends in different areas of this state may help you better pick options that make the most sense for your needs.

For example, wooded areas of the state often like wood-style cabinets with simple designs and elegant corners. These materials are preferably authentic wood made with the most refined grains. However, many in the state also enjoy faux lumber because it is cheaper and easier to install. Moving into most urban areas will make this trend a little passe, as people in these areas want a more up-to-date style that meets their personalities.

For example, Peter Grenier emphasizes that New Hampshire homeowners still want neutral styles that fit into just about any taste. As a result, you’ll want to focus on things like white textures and tones. You can also integrate some gray or brown colors, depending on your home and your kitchen. The materials here can include marble and other solid and reliable materials that look great in any kitchen throughout this beautiful and stylish state.

Shapes and angles should conform to your kitchen’s current styles. Trying to contrast too heavily may cause your cabinets to look ugly or unappealing. For example, mixing multiple colors and styles is typically a faux pas that’s more likely to make your home unattractive. Contrast is best when done in small amounts, such as different brown shades contrasted with light reds or greens. Always think of how well your colors complement each other when creating contrasting looks.

Lastly, Peter Grenier states that New Hampshire kitchens often look best with personalized cabinet styles that fit your kitchen. For example, sharp angles and edgy colors may look good in kitchens with more contemporary looks but may look unattractive in an old-school kitchen. Think strongly about your kitchen’s personality before buying and installing any cabinets in your home. You can emphasize its natural beauty by adding cabinets that enhance its current color scheme.

Is it silly to think of your kitchen’s personality? Not at all, Grenier argues. Your kitchen is part of your home and reflects its homiest and comfiest elements. By the same logic, your home is an extension of who you are and must be treated as such. Thankfully, it’s usually relatively easy to find an expert in the state who can create high-quality cabinetry that feels right for your home. Pay attention to your taste and your neighbor’s homes, as well, to build a house that fits in with your neighborhood.